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Violent Grief: Acoustic Selections

by Moon Tooth

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If you saw the ghosts I see When I sleep you’d leave too Yeah you’d claw your way out You’d grow fangs You’d bite, you’d rip You’d tear your way gone Been too long There’s no warmth Feel no pulse There’s nothing left for me here So let me go Let me go If you saw What I’ve seen You’d know what I mean If you believe in more Then baby believe me More is real, you aint crazy Don’t sleep on that dream This can’t go on I felt it well up The wrath in my blood Been a ghost of a friend, brother, son Watched her go The only girl that I’ve ever loved Heard the call, gave it all Now you’re telling me I gotta wait here Yeah there’s nothing left for me here So let me go This can’t go on
I am not adornments Joined on new walls I am torn muscle I am budding bruise The good pain While the deeper hurt Are these truths I am not a bridge No I am not two ends Not two ends that meet to make one I am white water I am awe at all angles oh, I am not held hands I’m not making plans No, I’m not your man I’m a goddamn conduit Girl, I’m piss and vinegar I am white water I am awe at all angles Awe at all angles Courting over dinner And a bottle of wine I said “You look real pretty And your haircut’s nice” For christ’s sake This is not living It's killing time My body’s in the cage But I’m in the sky
If I defile everything she touched Oh sweet Mercy, would that be enough? Piss on ground left holy Spit and bile hold me up This is no way to live I could cut But it wouldn't do a goddamn thing With how Time defiles All my open cuts Foe turned Mercy To swallow you up Though it may erode me It'll wash away your memory In a flood of violent grief I need but keep my head above To survive and live free I've been digging in the same cuts Sifting through the same blood Just dying to bleed I've been hissing with a vile tongue Blowing out these wild lungs Just trying to breathe Made my way fighting high waves And ever have I endured Earned my spurs in tides turned And ever daring True North Six swords no longer needed Throw them overboard Tribute turbulent seas With eyes on the shore
First sworn miles Met with oaths to more yet Forever named, each step Introduces the next And how nothing is That is not both Kiss and maim Reap and sow This began long before I’d known I killed what I called home To make damn clear That I was worth my words And that they are something living Not just scratches on page Not just promises made They are the beast that I ride Number of times I tried to tell them Number of times I saw the fear in their eyes Number of times I swore before great sights The heights I’d climb Number of times I washed my hands Of that evil Number of times I’ve said this all before Old blood in new veins Its sick if it stays Where it no longer lives Oh, how it fights to not die But it did and so it needs to Motionless in sky Emotionless, it hides And I ain't gonna die like that
(The Man speaks) The burning lumber spits embers As if to say Let’s get out of this fucking pit Pining for the surprise Of pale giants miles off The quiet churn of flame A sound somewhere between A whisper and a distant roar I’ve always wanted that warmth But if that’s the cost Love, forgive me for saying this But I’ll pay it Please don’t ask me to Because I will (The Fire speaks) Feed me your wounds Feed me your past And I shall burn this cage That ye may stand Leave it all behind (The Man speaks) I obliged In the blaze I found my tears But The Fire dried Them up and warmed my heart In that moment I was my name The Fire spoke: I need you my witness Showed me a joyous ocean And how I am to lift it Said “Chin up. Don’t quit, kid” Then we laughed in rhythm The going gets tough Lay my fear in a bed of broken chains Sing Victory by day Then night falls To a bed of knives I crawl And I let the demons hurt me But I tell them Feed me your wounds Feed me your past And I shall burn this cage That we may stand In the purr and crackling I heard The Blaze Speak my name And It spoke my words As It said “Leave it all behind”


released July 31, 2020


all rights reserved



Moon Tooth

"...bursts with enthusiasm and rabid energy, as if Mastodon's apocalyptic visions were replaced with cosmic wonder." - PITCHFORK on 'Crux'

Moon Tooth released ‘CRUX’ on 3/29/19 on Modern Static Records; their second full-length album and follow up to 2016's critically acclaimed 'Chromaparagon'
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